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          For decades, the Viking-Cives Group has been focused on developing more
efficient products in the snow removal industry.  As of the last several years though, there
has been a growing concern about the effects that industries have on the environment. 
That’s why we’ve developed several products with the environment in mind.  By
focusing on mechanical methods of removing ice and hard-pack, we can significantly
reduce the required amount of chemical product, and in some cases eliminate the need
entirely.  The benefits of this approach are two-fold. 
          First and foremost, we can minimize the environmental impact of the snow and
ice removal processes.  Distributing fewer chemicals on the roads means that fewer
chemicals end up in ditches and absorbed into the soil when spring arrives.  It’s important
to limit such chemical exposure since it can be extremely detrimental to water supplies,
including drinking water.  There are also some fiscal benefits.  By reducing the amount of
chemical product necessary to maintain clear roads, a portion of the maintenance cost is
reduced.  Using chemicals will break up the ice and hard-pack, but a second pass is
required to remove the resulting slush from the road.
Here are a few examples of Viking's green products:
Salt-Saver:       This underbody unit utilizes spring steel sections tipped with carbide
                        blades to remove ice and hard-pack from the road surface.  It can be used
                        in a standalone application or in conjunction with a front-mounted plow.
Tow Plow:       This tow-behind unit deploys to act as an extension of the truck-mounted
                        wing.  This effectively widens the clearing path for any single truck and
                        reduces the number of trucks required to clear a multi-lane highway,
                        which means that the units replaced by the Tow Plow can be put to better
                        use on other roads.  Another benefit associated with tow-plow usage is
                        reduced fuel consumption.  A single truck utilizing a tow plow uses less
                        fuel than the two trucks required to clear a path of equal width.
Two-Stage:      The two-stage pushframe is similar to the Salt-Saver in that it uses spring
                        steel sections to assist in clearing roads.  The difference is that these
                        sections are mounted directly to the pushframe designed to accept standard
                        plow models.










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